Instagram: The Picture of Success for Your Health Organization


In case you haven’t noticed, Instagram is not just for selfies anymore.  The site has over 300 million active monthly users and 85% of top brands have adopted Instagram.  These numbers alone should show you how beneficial Instagram can be for your health organization.

One of the best aspects of Instagram is that it is all about the images, unlike other social media sites that are mostly centered around posts.  Instagram can give your followers a visual representation of what your health organization is doing.  The site also makes it easy for followers to interact with your organization through likes and comments.


Tips before you get started

With all social media sites there are some important tips to keep in mind before you start posting:

  1. Make a plan.  Is that an echo or am I just repeating myself?  As I have said, making a plan is always the first step when starting a new social media account.  This includes identifying a target market and determining what they want to see, setting goals and objectives and setting methods to measure the success of your plan.
  2. Gain a following.  Follow health industry trendsetters, other companies and potential clients.  Also make sure you follow back the people that follow you.
  3. Interact.  Interact with your followers by liking and commenting on their pictures. As with any social channel, engagement is key.  Your followers are more likely to like your pictures if you’re liking theirs.
  4. Balance your pictures.  In this case it is important to mix business with pleasure. Your health organization should be posting pictures that are about your business but should also show the fun side of your organization.

But what do I post?!?

You’ve come to the right place.  It is often easy to know what to post on your personal Instagram, but much more difficult to figure out what is post-worthy for your healthcare organization.  Here are some examples of what your organization should post:

  • Take photos of your staff and customers.  Sharing these types of photo gives your health organization a more human feel.  You can post pictures of your staff at work, people participating in your events or customers using your products or services.
  • Give your followers a closer look.  You can share a sneak peak photo or behind the scene shot of what your organization is working on.  This could include a behind the scene shot of an event or a first look at a new product coming out.  These photos will make your followers feel like they are getting something exclusive.
  • Photos that embody the lifestyle your health organization represents.  If your organization is supposed to be promoting health then post pictures that will inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Promote yourself.  You can use your Instagram to promote other aspects of your health organization.  For example, encourage people to look at your website or blog. Be careful not to do this too often or you may annoy your followers.
  • Start a campaign.  On Instagram your health organization can start a text-to-give campaign or launch a hashtag fundraising campaign.  These types of campaigns are especially useful for nonprofit health organizations.

images       imgres

  • Promote upcoming events.  Instagram can be a great way to promote any fundraising or awareness events that your health organization has coming up.
  • Offer deals.  Offering deals is a great way to reward your followers.  Doing give-aways or discounts to those who follow you is also a great way to increase engagement on your Instagram.
  • Thank your donors and customers.  Let’s face it, people loved to be recognized. Thanking donors and customers on your Instagram is a great way to make followers feel like they are making a difference in your health organization.

Doing it right

Susan G. Komen is one of the most well-known and best-funded breast cancer organizations in the United States.  The organization has over 18,000 followers and gets over 300 likes on all of their pictures.  The organization posts a variety of different pictures and includes pictures of survivors, events they sponsor and different motivational pictures related to their cause.  Their Instagram really pulls in followers and gets people interested in what they are posting.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 2.31.49 PM

Now that you have the basics it is time to start posting.  Be sure to comment and let me know what you think.  Good luck!



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